How to make your Christmas Wishes come true

“Conversations with Mrs Claus” Christmas themed podcast show visits Bluey Santa’s new recruit, a blue kangaroo originally from Australia.

Bluey exposes the steps in the Law of Attraction which is the key to making your wishes come true. This is one of the very first lessons Bluey learnt when he first arrived at the North Pole. This is a new show now released on ‘Conversations with Mrs Claus’. A podcast show on the channel part of global media network.

On this show Mrs Claus chats with Bluey who is the new hero and head of “Wish Communications” at the North Pole. Bluey exposes the first in a series of lessons he learnt from Head Elf WinterWhite and Santa Claus when first inducted at the School of Elves at the North Pole. As head of “Wish Communications” Bluey has the top tips and tools for listeners to discover how to make their wishes and dreams come true.

Bernadette Dimitrov (aka Mrs Claus) brings the spirit of Christmas to every podcast. She and her guests educate and entertain with traditions, contests, news, and interviews. Mrs Claus reveals this weeks ‘magic secret’ practiced at the North Pole that will show listeners how to transform their life. Christmas is revealed as being not just about one day of the year but about living and projecting the ‘spirit’ of Christmas every day for a truly fulfilled, happy, joyous and great life from the inside out. This week’s secret discovers empowering thoughts on materialism, making love more important than material things.

In the “Ask Mrs Claus a Question” segment, Dan from New Jersey asks Mrs Claus “Does Santa have a pet?” Mrs Claus reveals insights never exposed before and listeners are in for a surprise. Mrs. Claus reveals what really goes on at the North Pole and insights about Santa listeners will love to know. It’s a lot of fun.

Conversations with Mrs Claus podcast show visits fascinating guests and experts from around the world each week who reveal Christmas insights and transformational secrets about how to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, fun, prosperous and loving life. Plus there are give-aways and prizes to be won each week.

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