VIP Christmas shopping day in London

Posted On September 27, 2007

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Car-free shopping day, London, December 1st

London’s main shopping streets are set to open up for pedestrians again this December for annual VIP Christmas shopping day. However, in this instance VIP stands for Very Important Pedestrian, as those on foot will take precedence during the event.

The shopping meccas of Oxford Street and Regent Street will be completely closed to cars on December 1st, so that shoppers can stock up for Christmas. London’s West End is one of the most famous shopping areas in the world and routinely sees crowds of over 40 million drawn to it every holiday season.

Last year’s VIP Christmas shopping was a massive success, with thousands taking advantage of not having to dodge automobiles to do their shopping. And many of the 600 stores on the West End chose to keep their doors open until 9 pm in order to maximize the number of customers they saw.

If planning on hitting the VIP shopping day, the opulent Chesterfield Mayfair hotel is the best place to stay.

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