Christmas lights banned on street, bad for Brits’ health

Some traders in Clevedon, UK, cannot put up Christmas lights because of new health and safety guidelines, the BBC reports.

North Somerset Council said it was unsafe to attach lights to columns in Hill Road because they are not load bearing.

Bob Hughes, from the local Traders Association, said traders had raised £3,500 towards the lights and that the council had “gone over the top”. “These rules and regulations are pretty draconian and probably unnecessary.”

But a spokesman for the council said: “There is a code of practice which has to be followed regarding installation of Christmas lights for health and safety reasons. “The lighting columns in this particular location at Hill Road, Clevedon are made of concrete and for safety reasons it is not possible to attach lights to them, as they are not load bearing.

“We do permit Christmas lights in other locations and work with organisations across the district to support festive activities.”