Selections Christmas 2006 for the festive dinner table

“Selections Christmas 2006” for the festive dinner table

A dark green tablecloth, red placemats and napkins, silver-plated candlesticks, clear crystal wine goblets for wine, red for water, and crockery with a Christmas theme.

The Christmas Season is almost upon us. Already bazaars are being held and shop windows being decorated. An exhibition dedicated to “Art de la Table” is being organized for this weekend by the mother-and-daughter decorating team of Eleni Aroni and Athina Aroni-Kanta of the design firm Kleomenous 9 SA, at the Athens Plaza Hotel in Syntagma Square, in downtown Athens.

“Selections Christmas 2006” includes crystal ware, china, silver, objets d’art, jewelry, antiques, furniture, carpets and other decorative pieces. Visitors to the exhibition, held in conjunction with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association, are invited to make a contribution to the association’s fund. A lottery will also be held for the same purpose.

Semeli and GAEA will be providing wine and appetizers. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Christmas Art de la Table > Set a trendy table

Beautiful linens and festive items can spice up your holiday settings

Dazzle your guests this Christmas Season with a festive table you’ve created without spending mucho dinero. Get a jump start by scouting stores this weekend for tableware, linens and decorative items.

Remember that the Christmas Holidays are all about your senses, and being affected and moved by your surroundings. A few simple details added to your space, candlelight, tableware, festive accessories and luxurious linens, all create an instant holiday makeover by making an ordinary room extraordinary.

Thanks to specialised retailers, you can find appealing, inexpensive dishes, glasses, flatware and linens to dress your table for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or a special brunch. The look will be rich to the eye, but not disastrous to your budget, which will probably be stretched to the limit by gift purchases.

If you’re at a loss on how to start, these are the trends in today’s tabletop décor.

Always use candles, votives, pillars, tapers, when entertaining to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere. Do not use scented candles on the dinner table, though, because the scent could interfere with food aromas.

Combine faux florals, sparkling ornaments and fresh flowers to create a centerpiece that can be used for various gatherings, simply replace fresh flowers to change the look.

Focus on decorating the spaces guests see first and where they gather most, such as the foyer and living room.

To create a festive mood, set a welcoming table in the foyer with flutes filled with champagne and sparkling juice, interspersed with simple white votives.

Instead of using a traditional tablecloth, let the natural beauty of your wood or glass table shine through and use a runner or two for a layered look.

Christmas in the Metropolis of the World > Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas tables will open on November 24th 2006 for the 43rd time.

This year the way the tables are laid has been inspired by six Danes, each with special connections to one of the world’s great capitals.

Enjoy a charming Christmas in Paris with Ann Wiberg (creator and designer of Trash Couture).

Sway to the rhythm of a Christmas samba in Rio interpreted by Master Fatman (DJ, dancer, author).

Shelter from the bitter cold in Moscow with Samuel Rachlin (author and journalist).

Breathe in the spirit of Christmas in fashionable Milan with Uffe Buchard (trend spotter and fashion expert).

Rest your eyes in a minimalist Japanese festival inspired by Jens Rahbek (chef and founder of Sticks ‘n’ Sushi).

Or see Copenhagen at its most beautiful interpreted by Dorthe Mandrup (architect).

The Christmas tables can be experienced in Royal Copenhagen’s new flagship store at Amagertorv on Strøget, Copenhagen’s famous pedestrian street, from November 24th 2006 until the end of December.

For further information > Royal Copenhagen, telephone: +45 3814 9176, or visit >